Who is Althea & Company?

Hello and welcome to our site. We are a group of two dads and three kids that are adventuring through the Forgotten Realms and specifically Phandalin.

Jeff -- Principle Artist for KingsIsle Entertainment, dad of two, and most notably . . . OUR DM!  All hail the mighty DM. If you've played a KingsIsle game, you've seen Jeff's skills up close and personal, but for the intents and purposes of this group, Jeff is the master story teller and the adjudicator of the dice rolls.

Tom -- Community Manager for KingsIsle Entertainment and dad of three. Tom is a blogger most known for writing under the pen name The Friendly Necromancer. In this current incarnation Tom is known as Avantador (or Avantadork as the others have nicknamed him) the bard.

Kiera -- Jeff's youngest child. Currently in high school. Kiera is playing Althea the Ranger with an incredible sharpshooter's eye. "Love that elf!" If you see Althea, her pet deer Granola is never too far away.

Tessa -- Tom's oldest child. Currently in high school. Artist in the making and always amazing. Tessa is playing Melancholy, the Tiefling Monk, who throws a lot of darts and ends up drinking a lot of tea with the enemies.

Miles -- Tom's middle child. Currently in middle school. Super cute autistic and master of all things video games.  He currently aspires to be a math teacher!  Speaking of math wizards, Miles is playing Graver, the gnome wizard . . . and famous toymaker.

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