Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Character Profile: Melacholy


(I had to fight for this picture)

Class: Monk
Race: Tiefling
Background: Hermit
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Original Artifact: Bracelet made of Amethyst and Amazonite.
Backstory: Melancholy grew up in a secluded monastery, dropped off as a crying infant by an unknown guardian to be raised by the three human monks that lived there. The monastery was a place for meditation, training and exploration of self, all of which Melancholy became proficient at. The monks, however, weren't the best parents as they sheltered and babied Melancholy her entire life, not realizing that she should be experiencing the world instead of being trapped in the secluded area of the monastery. Due to the babying Melancholy never learned to control her emotions since the monks believed she should be allowed to express her emotions as she saw fit, although they tried to teach her to control it though meditation. Now she is set off into the world to explore and gain knowledge after spending her entire life sheltered. Although her emotions may be fragile, she is more than prepared to fight if need be.

Monk Teacher Backgrounds: 
Mona: Female monk teacher with light brown skin and dark hair. Taught unarmed strikes and quarter staff moves, was the most distant to Melancholy. Melancholy wanted to impress her, and occasionally did, but never to the extent that melancholy felt satisfied.

Gabriel: Agender Monk teacher with dark skin. Taught melancholy self exploration and meditation and was the closest to Melancholy. Gave Melancholy a bracelet made of Amethyst and Amazonite.

Jewel: Female Monk teacher with fair skin. Taught stealth, medicine, some history, and survival tactics to Melancholy. Spent a lot of time with Melancholy but wasn't as close to her as Gabriel was.
Personality Traits: Oblivious to etiquette and social expectations
Ideals: Curiosity
Bonds: Only close to the monks that raised her
Flaws: Very emotionally fragile and enjoys the world a bit too much
Languages: Common

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