Tuesday, September 13, 2016

When last we left our heroes . . . erm, When we first met our heroes . . .

Every time Jeff starts a new D&D session , we hear the fateful words, "When last we left our heroes . . ." and then a summation of the previous session is given.

I hope to be doing the same sort of thing for you all on this blog. :)

Since I have six months of catching up to do with our adventures, some of the finer details may be a bit off, but I will do my best to give you the bigger ideas, and with that . . . let me set the scene . . .

When first we met our heroes . . .


Our heroes had migrated from around the Forgotten Realms and were all situated in a local tavern in the town of Leilon. We were thrown together as strangers who happened to be looking for work yet we all had different motivations.  FATE, my friend, fate would have it that the four of us would be thrown together for a job to help deliver a couple crates of supplies to the town of Phandalin for the Harpers.

Graver: The Rock Gnome Wizard
Avantador: The Silver Dragonborn Bard
Melancholy: The Tiefling Monk
Althea: The Wood Elf Ranger

 . . . not a human among us . . . and the strangest group of compadres ever assembled.

At first Althea was pretty standoffish from the main group. While we were all snuggled in our carriage, she preferred to roam the woods or stay to the side of the road of the group where her pet deer Granola could be seen darting in and out of the woods from time to time. The first time Melancholy realized that Althea had a pet deer she squealed with joy and cheered, "A PUPPY!" . . . and Althea and Melancholy have been buddies ever since.

Melancholy at first was also very shy. As an orphaned monk Tiefling, things were a bit sheltered in the monastery and this was her first taste at . . . well . . . anything outside those walls. (seriously . . . one time we had to take time out to explain how money worked to poor Melancholy . . .)

After a quick stop off at a Harper location where we received the supplies to be delivered and Graver, the resident trickster of the group, gave a long lingering hug to a Halfling accountant there, we were on our way with horse and carriage.

Eventually we were ambushed by goblins and had our first taste of teamwork . . . and also a first hand look at the deadly aim of Althea.

We'd charge in to fight, and Althea would have already knocked 'em down with an arrow before we got there. And every time it'd happen Avantador would cheer his new found catch phrase . . .

Our employers had left a day before us and were also delivering supplies. We discovered their cart destroyed on the side of the road, but the perception of Althea was such that she noticed it looked like someone had been dragged away from the scene.

We followed and again Althea was deadly with her aim. In fact, when she didn't finally one-shot a goblin, it caught both Avantador and the goblin by surprise.  A quick psychic cast of Vicious Mockery helped take that last one hit point of life.

It was here that our adventurers then took their first big step into a dark cave where the body had been dragged into . . .

(to be continued)

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