Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What We're Watching / Listening to for D&D

Hello readers!

I just wanted to make a quick post here that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Althea & Company other than to plug a few online D&D series that the players of our group have enjoyed over the past year or so.

1- Critical Roll. This D&D series from Geek and Sundry is probably the end-all be-all of Dungeons and Dragon playing online. There truly is nothing greater than Voice Actors playing D&D. It typically runs in 3 hour blocks on Twitch initially and then is ported over to YouTube

This one is something our DM, Jeff, likes to put on and let run in the background and is all he really needs for D&D online entertainment. Personally I can't sit still for 3 hours straight and it would be highly distracting for me to listen to at work . . . i can't quasi-pay attention to stuff like that. I need to focus.

2- YogsCast D&D High Rollers. This one is all Tessa (aka Melancholy). For a long time this was Tessa's favorite way to view D&D. And Tessa's favorite player from the group was Kim.  KIM KIM KIM all the time . . . KIM! 

3- Nerdist's Force Grey. This is a shorter series and highly edited. This one is ALL ME!  Well Jeff listened to it as well, but I loved this series and especially since the episodes were short, edited, and easily digestible. My only complaint is that it's over! This features Matthew Mercer as the DM, who you would be very familiar with if you enjoy Critical Roll.


4- Maximum Fun's Adventure Zone. Tessa jumped from High Rollers over to Adventure Zone at the recommendation of a friend.  This is a high quality podcast with tight editing and an awesome vibe. It features the McElroy brothers . . . including Justin McElroy the amazing game journalist. I've only listened to a few episodes myself, but Tessa is caught up and listened to everything they've had to offer. The word "ravenous" comes to mind when I think of how she attacked their content.

Anyway, I actually made a very rough remix of the theme song, which, come to find out, is actually Ataraxia by Mort Garson.

I may have to come back to this some day and do it justice


. . . and I believe that wraps it up for what we're currently watching / listening to when it comes to D&D Online.  If you have something you'd like to suggest, please leave it in the comments.

Love that Elf!

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