Thursday, September 15, 2016

Friends, Fire Giants, and Food . . . but mostly food.

Whenever you gather together for a long session of D&D we know what's really important . . . the snacks . . . RIGHT?

While the hosts here don't always offer a magnificent showing of food, we do tend to at least try to have something out on the counter for the players and DM that visit our house.

Most notable have been the cakes . . . because who doesn't love a solid message to the group written in icing?

I mean, evil people gonna die, then let's celebrate, right? By the way . . . no redcloaks were actually harmed in the making of this cake . . . or from the making of this cake. In fact, we became middle management, but that's a story for another day.

Also, here's a closer look at our DM Birthday cake that was featured on the first blog post.

Notice that says "Harpy" not "Happy" Birthday.  Yeah, we're clever like that.

Anyway, there's usually a bag or chips or two and some kind of treat for everyone, but I must share the epic of all epic meals for Althea and Company.  It is this . . . the massive 28 inch Ultimate Party Pizza from Russo's.

It had to go in the back of the car.

This thing is a massive pizza. The pictures don't even help communicate the size of this thing.  The cardboard box would be perfect for a breakdancing mat. I'm telling you again . . . it's MASSIVE. It's a once in a lifetime treat, but so worth it.  I had pizza left overs for days.

Another favorite of mine is to make sub sandwiches. This one's a good one and surprisingly easy to throw together.  I'm all about simplicity. If you have any snack ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments.

When you have hungry kids and creative minds to feed . . . it's essential.

Love that Elf!

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