Sunday, September 25, 2016

Roper Treats and more from Game Day!

Well after a long 2-3 week wait, it was once again time for game day today.  We had a great session, and I'd tell you more of our adventures, but I'm only up to episode 5 and have a lot more to share with you all before I'll get to today's story.

More important, of course, were the treats for today's game day.  Today we had Roper Cupcakes . . . a tribute to the Roper Madness of last week.

It's a somewhat complicated treat, but so worth it for the reaction.

Step 1: drill four holes in the sugar cone, two on each side of the cone.

Step 2: String Watermelon Twizzler pull-apart licorice through the holes for arms.

Step 3: roll out fondant icing and cut circles for the base of the eyes.

Step 4: Put a mini-chocolate chip in the eye as a cornea (pointy end into fondant).

Step 5: Melt white chocolate chips in a bowl, dip a fork in, and scrape it across the cone to create a yummy, yet gaping, mouth.

Step 6: Plunk ontop of a cupcake.

Step 7: When you serve it, consider having a side of ice cream so you can single scoop into the ice cream cone. It picks up the frosting on the rim and makes for and excellent bite.  Eat it quick though since there are holes drilled into the cones. :)


The other treat we served today was a mozzarella roll.

Very easy to make . . . you buy a bag of Rhodes frozen rolls. Let them rise for a couple of hours, snip open the middle and put 1/3 of a mozzarella stick inside and form the roll around the mozzarella (you can add a pepperoni as well).  Rise for one more hour, then smear the top of the roll with garlic butter before cooking at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  Serve with a side of marinara sauce.

It's an easy game day snack that feeds the whole crew.

Love that elf!

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