Sunday, September 11, 2016

Character Profile: Graver


Class: Wizard
Race: Rock Gnome
Background: Guild Artisan
Alignment: Neutral Good
Features: Scar over left eye (glows with Arcane Magic) and wears red robes
Original artifact: A glass orb with a clockwork goldfish
Backstory: When Graver was young he ventured into the woods by himself to find a special grain of wood for a toy he was making. He was attacked by an owl bear. His village folk saved him from the attack, but he suffered a major scar to his face. It didn't stop him though. He became a famous tinkertoymaker. Graver is set out now to find new friends, contacts, and associates.

The owlbear scar glows with arcane magic. Something from the attack left him interested in wizardry.
Personality Traits: I'm well known for my work, and I want to make sure everyone appreciates it. I'm shocked if people haven't heard of me.
Ideals: Generosity--My talents were given to me to benefit the world.
Bonds: The workshop where I learned my trade is most important to me.
Flaws: I'll do anything to get my hands on something rare or priceless.
Languages: Common, Gnomish, Orc Tongue (taught by Holbraek -- and old orc friend . . . or is he a nemesis?)

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