Sunday, September 18, 2016

Avantador's Theme Song -- Mother's Necklace

So . . . since my character is a bard and I actually do like to write music, I thought I'd take the dorky step of actually trying to write a song from my character.  It's a brave new world friends, but THE ROLEPLAY!

Here's the instrumental version:

and the lyrics:

Mother’s Necklace (Avantador’s Theme)

My mother held me tight
Every single night
And she would sing to me
Rocking me to sleep
Guiding my right hand
Peace upon our land
And all that she had
Was all that we had
All we needed then
Was the family den
And the Dragonborn
Why did no one warn us

When the giants strike
They slew us left and right
It was a blood-stained night
I hid away in fright
Too young to fight
But I watched father die
Nothing left to caress
But my mother’s necklace

And so I’m on a quest
Until they’re laid to rest
I will live my life
Until the time is right
And this Dragonborn
Who no longer mourns
Has been strengthened by time
And is now driven by rhyme

When the dragon strikes
No giant left in sight
To be a blood-stained night
From the point of my knife
Nothing left behind
And the nightmares remind
There’s nothing left to caress

But my mother’s necklace

Maybe someday I"ll actually be brave enough to post a sung version. Until then . . . feel free to use your imaginations. :) (Hope to be unveiling it to the group at the next session)

Love that Elf!

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