Saturday, September 10, 2016

Welcome to Althea and Company

Hail and well met!

Althea and Company is a two family operation and basically a D&D group that meets once every two weeks (or sometimes once every two months if life gets extremely busy *cough*). 

Our DM, Jeff, is no stranger to Dungeons and Dragons. He's been a player and a DM for a long long . . . long time . . . and plans on playing well into his nursing home years. THOSE are going to be some epic dungeons crawls.

Here's to hoping we have several more years of DM Birthday cakes!

Jeff brings along his daughter to play and we meet at Tom's house (. . . um, that's me and my house).  I'm playing. My oldest and middle child are playing. My wife and youngest are not . . . but they wander in to listen along from time to time.

Over the six months or so we've been playing, we've had some epic adventures and as of last week all of our characters are level three. HURRAY!  As Jeff asked me the other day, "Did you ever think you all would be level three?" To which I responded, "With this group? no."  We have a lot of fun and sometimes the wandering around, smelling of flowers, and drinking of tea with the necromancers is almost more fun than the fights.

Jeff tells me we are journeying through the Lost Mines of Phandelver, and I have been doing my very best to avoid spoilers or actively go looking at anything that might spoil the experience for me . . . so I'm not going to provide you with a link other than this one where you can read a few details. (**runs away from the website screaming NO SPOILERS**) From what I understand . . . we're not a typical group and our encounters have been highly modified by Jeff because of that. :)

Personally, I haven't played D&D since I was around my daughter's age (I talked more about my D&D experiences back when Dave Arneson died if you're really interested. . . I've also talked in more details about this group in another blog post), and it's good to be back! Thank you Jeff for dragging us all into this game.

I'll be posting more about our characters and our adventures on this blog.  With that, I leave you and invite you to come back tomorrow! 

. . . In the immortal words of Avatador, "Love that elf!"

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